Anglestone Real Estate Venture Partners is a boutique real estate investment firm focused on acquiring undervalued real estate in the New York metro area. We form high quality partnerships and working relationships to reposition distressed assets. 

The residential market continues to be a big part of our operation.  Our goal is to help distressed owners dispose of unwanted property by structuring workouts with their lenders.  We then look to reposition these properties by either rehabbing and selling them are renting them to qualified families.  We are committed to improving and preserving the essence of the neighborhoods in which we operate in.

Most of the properties we acquire have title issues and require a deep understanding of how to best reposition the property.  Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in dealing with all issues that affect clear title including foreclosure, probate, divorce, fraudulent conveyances, judgement, tax liens, violations and more.  Our expertise is navigating through these issues and offer solutions to distressed owners to dispose of unwanted property.

Our approach to commercial real estate is not what a property is now but what a property can be.  We look for investments that offer value-add opportunity.  Our prime targets are multi-family, mixed-use and retail properties.  

We are constantly looking for underused property that can be improved to better serve the community in which it is located.  We focus on projects that fulfill the needs of the community and offers high yields for our investment partners.

Let's build a brighter future together.